Active Leaking Pipe Repair

Epoxy Design

Epoxy Design Systems sets a newstandard in pipe repair with cutting-edge patented designs, catering toclients globally across diverse sectorsincluding industrial, commercial,marine, and petrochemical structures.


Sealing Solutions for Leaking Pipes

Epoxy Design Systems offers an alternative to revenue loss andtime-consuming pipe replacements for liquid transportation. Oursystems, methods, and kits are versatile and capable of repairingleaks in pipes of various sizes, including large-diameter pipesranging from 12” to 72”. Leak repair capabilities includeaddressing leaks in straight sections, bends, welded bends orcouplings, weld junction bolted connections, and expansion joints.To effectively repair leaks, Epoxy Designs implements thefollowing:• Liquid flow is diverted until repair operations are completed.• Following the preparation of the surrounding area, a gasket material iswrapped around the leak, and controlled valves are utilized to managethe liquid flow.• Subsequently, expandable grout is injected into the leaking cavity undercontrolled pressure to displace the liquid leaking from the pipe. NOTE:Different grouts may be required based on temperature and liquidcomposition.• Once the grout cures and the gasket material is removed, reinforcement material is applied around the pipe to enchance its structural strenghth. 

Please Note: Project specific plans, drawing, and calculations can be providedby Epoxy Design Systems by utilizing a third party engineering service


Epoxy Design Systems proudly delivers innovative active leak pipe repairing services to clients across the UnitedStates and internationally. Our commitment is to deliver efficient work coupled with industry-leading customer service.For personalized consultation, contact us today at713-461-8733orreach out online