Concrete Repair Services for Petrochemical Facilities

Concrete repair services at petrochemical and chemical facilities, incorporate carbon fiber strengthening, shotcrete, chemical resistance coatings and liners for clarifiers, secondary containment basins, and other related services.

Epoxy Design Systems works with engineering, maintenance and scheduling teams to assess structural concrete damage, make recommendations and execute maintenance, corrosion repair and protection procedures.

Epoxy Design Systems working safely, provides turnkey structural concrete repair services with minimal down time. Using unique and innovative solutions compared to traditional concrete repair, corroded rebar and anchor bolts are replaced, engineer designed strengthening systems to support columns for change of use application, spalled beams in pipe rack alleys.

Compressors and rotating equipment, after realignment, tank bottoms, and other concrete elements on existing foundations can have failed support grout replaced.

Success in mitigating corrosion in existing containment basins, where concrete is exposed aggressive elements, is ensured by asking what commodity a coating or liner will be exposed to and following the vendor's specification for application.

Leaking cracks in concrete clarifiers, cooling tower return basins or separators can be sealed using chemical injection of moisture activated polyurethane resins.

The use of chemical resistant joint sealants prevents process and storm water runoff from leaching into the substrate through failed expansion joints and open cracks.