Commercial / Civil Concrete Structural Repairs

Commercial / Civil construction is the very fabric of everyday life. It touches everyone in some way, recognized or not. Civil construction by its nature creates the personal side of infrastructure. Serving one's community in which we need to function, it assures that construction of what is built remains sound, resilient and reliable and provides for sustainable duration balanced for social, economic and environmental equilibrium.

Our Commercia building repairl / Civil work  provides services to facilities whose assets included parking garages, docks, warehouses, bridges, tunnels, concrete dams, water or wastewater treatment facilities, and many other variety of structures that need concrete maintenance or restoration, Epoxy Design Systems will perform field inspections with owners and their representatives to determine the  concrete conditions to evaluate the best form of repair. Offering economical solutions to engineering designed solutions. Epoxy Design Systems works closely with building owners, property managers, governmental officials, and Civil Engineers. Our multi-disciplined skilled technicians use best quality materials and proven technology to help expand and maintain facility systems thus returning structures to functional and safe use.