Chemical Grouting Injection

Epoxy Design PUR Chemical Grouting

The purpose of chemical grouts is to control water migration through various structures via cracks, failed expansion, joints unconsolidated section, cold joints, damaged water stops and infiltration into pipes culverts or siphons. There are two types of resins.  The first (Hydrophilic) and most common is designed to seek out and mix with water forming a sticky, flexible foam gasket to stop water migration. The second (Hydrophobic) is designed to push away water to form a flexible seal preventing water infiltration. Most chemical grouts are non-structural repairs with uses primarily in below grade structures basements, elevator pits, walls, containment vessels, manholes, water and sewer plants and underground reinforced concrete pipe to eliminate infiltration of water, soils, and or for soil stabilization. All grouts for potable water systems must meet ANSI/NSF 61.

Chemical grouting is the most efficient, cost effective means to control water intrusion acting as a flexible long-term gasket to control moisture. It is essential to hire a qualified contractor with proper equipment and experience to select and install the correct chemical grout. Resin viscosity, single component mix ratio, the proper alignment, drilling technique, flushing, and sealing at injection locations, as well as temperature control and reducing water pressure at the point of resin injection is critical to successfully controlling water flow using chemical grouts.

Some additional considerations for every application:

  • Monitor, map and determine extent of water intrusion source.
  • Measure width, depth, and contamination of fissures, joints and connections.
  • Determine if there are voids created by water erosion.
  • Areas once dry may require chemical grout when water migrates away from initial repair.
  • Leaks will always see the least point of resistance to enter or renter a structure.

Chemical Grouting CSI Codes

  • 31 73 16 Chemical Tunnel grouting

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