Commercial Building Restoration

Epoxy Design Exterior Repairs

Epoxy Design Systems provides commercial building restoration & repair services to help increase the lifetime of building structures. Focus is on the concrete elements in a commercial building constructed with reinforced poured in place concrete, pre-cast concrete, and structural steel. These buildings will require on-going maintenance, external efforts to control water intrusion and structural retrofit for building use change of use application. Through the use of specialized elastomeric coatings, sealants, external reinforcing fabric (CFRP), floor leveling, and concrete restoration the service life and cyclic maintenance costs can be reduced. Concrete decks within steel framed buildings may require structural strengthening, moisture and crack control, leveling and corrosion control.

Scheduled inspections of the building exterior and interior elements in the locations mentioned above is essential to achieve cost effective maintenance and mitigate long-term building expenses. These inspections should include the building engineer and professional engineer who has extensive experience with commercial properties. Any concrete related building repair must be performed by a restoration contractor with long-term experience.

Some additional considerations for every application:

  • Develop a comprehensive building evaluation inspection plan with a professional engineer.
  • Budget set aside funds for future external and interior repairs and modifications.
  • Consult with a qualified architect for updated building codes / requirements.
  • Treat all water intrusions with urgency. Clearly understanding what caused the water intrusion, and employ a restoration contractor to confirm the source to complete the proper repair.