Concrete Dam Repair

Epoxy Design Dam Outfall

Epoxy Design Systems has extensive experience working on concrete dam repair.

Properly maintaining a dam not only protects the dam and its owner but the general public as well. A good maintenance program will protect a dam against deterioration, prolong its life, and greatly reduce the chance of failure. Our team of management, and skilled crafts personnel have the skills to restore, protect and strengthen the existing structure to the highest quality; reaching the ultimate goal of flood control, power generation and water storage containment.  We work closely with engineering firms providing technical, planning, and construction assistance with proper attention to dam safety. A maintenance program is vital to protect downstream life, property and habitat. Teamwork ensures both the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Dam Safety Association that guidelines are in place and followed during restoration repair. 

Incorporating geotechnical surveys and other investigative testing done by others prior to concrete dam repairs, we offer quick mobilization to reduce down time achieving our goal to complete the overall project.

Our typical job task items include:

  • Penstock relining

  • Leak control by chemical injection grouting in galleries

  • Cementitious pressure grouting to fill voids and stabilize soils

  • Concrete repairs to: ogee crest, spillways, stilling basins, wing walls, sealing of cracks and joints 

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