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Epoxy crack injection is used to structurally bond two substrates so they are monolithic, and structurally sound. Our Epoxy injection services  uses a two-part resin that when mixed becomes a very rigid, high strength material with tenacious bond to clean concrete surfaces. Injection resin is manufactured in different viscosities for use in wide or narrow concrete cracks. In order to properly install epoxy resins, one must use a well maintained, calibrated injection machine to insure an exact, consistent mix ratio and proper injection pressure to apply and fill resin into a crack. Restoration to distressed concrete structures may provide an alternative cost effective solution to removal and costly replacement of a given section of the structure. Cleaning of cracks is mandatory. This can be accomplished by minimum 3500 PSI pressure wash or other approved methods.

Epoxy pressure injection is a repair to an existing condition.
It is not a solution to the cause of the problem!

Some additional consideration for every application:

  • Inspect concrete integrity, surface temperature, moisture and crack contamination. Epoxy injection resins will not cure properly when introduced into the presence of water inside or weeping of moisture out of crack.
  • Identify and solve the cause of the crack
  • At periodic intervals, conduct sample testing of the machine injected resin to verify correct mix ratio and that samples have cured properly. Samples should be labeled and retained for QA/QC
  • Select resin viscosity that is compatible with the width, depth, and size of the crack. Industry standards do not recommend injection of cracks wider than 3/8”
  • Mechanically roughen length of concrete surface on each side of the crack to ensure epoxy paste bond. Use cap paste with excellent bond and create a positive seal.   
  • Select proper methods for removal of epoxy cap paste and ports to ensure the best possible aesthetic finish. 

Epoxy Injection CSI Codes

  • 03 63 00 Epoxy Grouting
  • 03 64 00 Injection Grouting
  • 03 64 23 Epoxy Injection Grouting

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