Concrete Restoration for Food Processing Facilities

Epoxy Design Food Processing

One of the most important concerns of owners have during maintenance, repairs, revamping or change of use applications is disruption to ongoing operations. Epoxy Design Systems works with schedulers, planners and operations mangers to minimize production downtime and bring service areas back on line with its work successfully completed within in the time frame agreed upon. Efficient planning and scheduling of work provides both the client and Epoxy Design Systems with an understanding of expectations, safety issues that may be inherent in the process, and that the correct materials are used and installation applications are made as per agreement.

While all parties hope for projects to be planned in advance, instances will occur when the need for services are called for on an emergency basis. Epoxy Design Systems maintains the ability to react promptly to its client’s request.

Some typical work items we provide:

  • Floor re-level of high bay picking aisles
  • Expansion joint repair
  • Freezer floor repair
  • Magnetic strip and guide way re-installation
  • USDA & FDA approved food process area floor resurfacing
  • Resurface loading and staging areas in warehouse floors
  • Silo and grain storage structural concrete repair
  • Water leak control into storage bins and below grade structures
  • Repair of concrete and reinforcement corrosion
  • Application of concrete protection coatings to resist aggressive elements
  • Machine base grouting and anchor bolt replacement
  • Non-slip texturing of concrete surfaces
  • Thermal shock resistant floor

We guarantee performance and best quality work in providing exceptional service to you our client.