Grouting Services

Epoxy Design Grouting Services

Epoxy Design Systems provides cement grouting services & contractors throughout the USA in various refinery plants, commercial buildings, bridges, stadiums, and parking garages. Our project management team works very closely with the engineering, operations, and management representatives to provide the best quality systems for the specific type grout installation. A cementitious grout may often be recommended for use in light dynamic loading system or high temperature exposure. Epoxy grouts, consisting of diverse resin types are prepackaged with blended aggregate that are tailored to the specified machinery systems load requirements, precision alignment and the type end use exposure such as extreme aggressive chemicals. Using variable viscosity properties of grouts allow for sufficient flow properties providing full contact, complete and permanent filling of the gap between the properly prepared foundation substrate and base plate.

Our skilled technicians provide full comprehensive grouting services top quality concrete repairs, proper surface preparation, form setting, materials acquisition and equipment for material installation.

Epoxy / Cementitious Grouting best quality usage for:

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Load Resistance
  • High Compressive Strength
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Excellent Bonding Strength
  • Ensuring that grouted in anchor bolts downward holding force always exceeds any upward force the equipment creates
  • Alignment change
  • Preventing unbalanced forces

Grouting CSI Codes

  • 03 61 00 Grouting
  • 03 61 13 Dry Pack Grouting
  • 03 62 00 Non-Shrink Grouting
  • 03 62 13 Non Metallic Non-Shrink Grouting
  • 03 62 16 Metallic Non-Shrink Grouting
  • 03 63 00 Epoxy Grouting
  • 03 64 00 Injection Grouting
  • 03 64 23 Epoxy Injection Grouting


Our epoxy grouting contractors provide services to the United States and international clients. We make it our priority to provide efficient work with industry-leading customer service at Epoxy Design Systems. Give us a call today at 713-461-8733 or contact us online for a consultation.