Hot Metalizing Zinc

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What is Metalizing?

Metalizing, also known as thermal spray coating or Fusion Bonding, is aprocess in which a metal coating is applied to a substrate surface. Thistechnique involves melting or heating a metal material, such as zinc, andspraying it onto the surface of an object using a specialized spray gun. Themolten metal particles solidiefy upon contact with the substrate, creating aprotective and durable metallic coating.

Metalizing serves various purposes, including corrosion protection, wearresistance, and enhancing the overall durability of the coated surface. It iscommonly used in industries such as manufacturing, aerospace,automotive, marine, and infrastructure for applications like anti-corrosioncoatings on concrete structures, repairing worn components, and providingthermal barriers.

The process of metalizing contributes to extending the lifespan, ofmaterials, improving performance and maintaining the integrity ofstructures in harsh corrosive environments


Optimizing Concrete Protection: EssentialConsiderations for Hot Zinc Metalizing

• Clean and prepare the concrete surface thoroughly, removingcontaminants and achieving the required surface profile throughtechniques like shot blasting.

• Apply a suitable primer compatible with both the concrete substrateand the hot metalizing zinc coating to enhance adhesion.

• Consider ambient temperature and humidity during application toensure proper curing and adhesion of the metal coating.

• Adhere to manufacturer recommendations for the required thickness ofthe zinc coating to ensure effective corrosion protection.

• After the hot metalizing process, there should not be any defects,irregularities, or missed areas. Touch up as necessary.

• Consider a maintenance plan to monitor the condition of the metalcoating over time


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