Pile Repair & Jacket Systems

Epoxy Design Pile Repair

Concrete piles or wooden piles that support marine structures at port authority locations and loading terminals will need structural repair at some time. Epoxy Design Systems. understands the damage caused by stress overload, impact into structures by ocean transport vessels, tugs and barges; exposing reinforcement, causing corrosion of the concrete substrate. Tide level changes in the splash zone where cyclic wetting and drying amplifies the corrosion rate. Corrosion of reinforcement causes concrete spalls.  Timber piles can show evidence of marine borer worms causing deterioration to piling and major damage to the designed wood pier structure.Working with marine diving teams have the knowledge to repair, secure and extend the designed service life for more durable, longer service life of marine structure with our pile repair services.

Options that Epoxy Design Systems uses for pier pile repairs include:

Timber Pile Repair

Epoxy Design Systems offer timber piles repair services in addition to timber pile system installation. Pile jacket systems constructed of fiberglass forms, HDPE, outer cover bolted system, timber pile tape wraps or nylon fabric jackets when filled with epoxy grout or cementitious grout can structurally restore, protect and thus return the marine pile back to original design specifications. Petrolatum tape and protective outer cover are used to repair timber piles.

Concrete Pile Repair

Epoxy Design Systems specializes in concrete pile repair. Embedded galvanic cathodic protection systems, offer corrosion protection using a sacrificial zinc element through an electrochemical process. This allows the zinc to be consumed as opposed to the reinforcement. These anodes can be installed during the repair process or in construction where old concrete and reinforcement are co-joined with new construction add-on’s. Understanding that repairing without addressing the presence of chloride ions that exist will continue to allow the corrosion process to continue, therefore cathodic protection should be considered using metalizing spray process with zinc coating to the piles, and preformed zinc mesh sheeting attached to the inside of integral pile repair jackets. Shotcrete for spalled concrete pile repair is used generally for large volumetric section replacement. Micro silica can be added to increase the density of the materials placed.

Steel Pile Repair

Sealers, coating systems that allow for the out gassing of moisture while preventing moisture to penetrate the substrate can be useful in tidal and splash zone areas. Zinc enriched and glass flake coatings are effective on steel piles. Contact Epoxy Design today for steel pile repair and installation services.


At Epoxy Design Systems, our team of experts believe in providing marine & pier pile repair and pile jacket system installation services with unmatched customer service. We've provided industry leading services throughout the United States as well as International projects ranging to various concrete structural repairs. Give us a call today at 713-461-8733 or contact us online for a consultation.