Concrete Repair, Restoration & Protection for Port Authorities

Epoxy Design Pile Jackets

Epoxy Design Systems provides port authorities construction repair & restoration services. Port Authorities rely on specialty concrete contractors to perform repairs efficiently while maintaining a smooth continuous operational process in the maritime industry is paramount in our nation’s economy. Commerce, domestically and internationally is dependent on importation and exportation of commodities. Liquids from bulk storage tanks, grains from silo storage, perishable agriculture items, manufactured equipment and hard bulk items such as coal, fertilizers and ores all move through our ports and airports.

Epoxy Design Systems is specialty trade contractor, provides services to governmental chief executives of different jurisdictions for operations of ports and terminals in coastal or riverside facilities with up to date methods to maintain and repair concrete structures in Marine, Facilities, Airports and various environments where concrete maintenance is required.

Some work items on docks, piers and other marine structures that Epoxy Design Systems can provide to you, our client are:

  • Pile jacket systems for pier repair. These are grout filled with cement or epoxy

  • Spall repair using micro silica enhanced shotcrete application

  • Reinforcement corrosion mitigation using anode installation

  • Zinc metalizing spray application to concrete and steel

  • Dock surface repairs

  • Warehouse floor repair

  • Crane rail anchor bolt re grouting and turning pad resurfacing

  • Cleat replacement

  • Secondary containment chemical resistant coating

  • Nonslip texture for vessel deck

  • Waterproofing of grain storage silos

  • Mooring and dolphin structural repair

  • Gabion slope protection

  • Splash zone protection

  • Underwater concrete repair

  • Pressure grouting to fill voids under roadway

  • Resealing of expansion joints and cracks 

We have successfully completed projects for the port of Houston and Galveston in addition to St. Croix, Aruba, Guatemala, Panama, for the US Navy Rapid Deployment facility on Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean