Corrosion Resistant Concrete Protective Coating

Epoxy Design Protective Coatings & Linings

Coatings and linings are applied and used to protect concrete and / or steel structures from abrasion, chemicals, ultraviolet exposure or environmental placement. Linings are most commonly used in specialized internal environments on steel tanks and vessels to protect from corrosion and or chemical attack. Coatings are recommended in both external and internal applications on concrete floors, parking garage decks, vertical concrete structures and various alloys before and after installation steel walls.

There are multiple industrial coatings and lining materials in today’s market ranging from epoxies, polyurethanes, high tech vinyl esters, novolac epoxy, and other products with varying physical properties as well as chemical and ultraviolet protection. Epoxy Design Systems takes pride in the 39 plus years in understanding the environmental conditions of the location of where the structure is located prior to making a recommendation on an industrial/commercial coating or liner that will benefit the consumer with the most cost effective solution to achieve the desired long-term performance and repair.

Surface Preparation & Moisture Control

Upon achieving the manufacture surface preparation along with our experience in quality assurance; surface preparation and moisture control is the most important process before applying any coating or liner. The surface preparation and profile directly affects the bond and longevity of all coatings and linings. Abrasive blasting with various media, hydro blasting, and shot blasting are the common surface preparation processes. Surface preparation should always be performed by a professional contractor with selected equipment and extensive experience.

There is no short cut. Once the surface profile is correct, many products require a primer before applying the main base coat material. This can be accomplished by using a roller, squeegee, or spray method. The wet and dry film thickness of the coating or lining is always a design specification for all products dependent upon the environment and exposure. Multiple coats of material may be required to meet this specification before applying the final topcoat.

Some additional considerations for every application:

  • All structures must be sound, without blemishes or imperfections. Repair defective areas before any surface preparation.
  • Honor expansion joints.
  • Know the temperature and dew point limitations for each manufactured product, the physical properties as they relate to type of traffic, use, abrasion and chemical exposure at each structure during your coating and lining selection process.
  • Understand the chemical make-up of an old coating or lining on any structure and determine compatibility with any new material.
  • Employ a testing laboratory to identify pin-holes or imperfections in chemical linings before new applications are accepted.
  • Hire a specialty contractor with long-term experience and proper equipment to install any coating or lining. 

Protective Coatings CSI Codes

  • 09 96 00 High performance coatings
  • 09 96 13 Abrasion-Resistant Coatings
  • 09 96 26 Marine Coatings
  • 09 96 33 High Temperature Resistant Coatings
  • 09 96 35 Chemical-Resistant Coatings
  • 09 96 53 Elastomeric Coatings
  • 09 96 56 Epoxy Coatings


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