Concrete Repair Services for Refineries & Chemical Plants

Epoxy Design Cooling Tower Repair

Critical to our economy and security, the energy industry depends on specialty trade contractors to provide the needed quality of workmanship in efforts to maintain critical operations and enhance asset management.  Epoxy Design Systems, a multi service provider, is committed to servicing local and International “Green field” and “Brown field” Chemical Refining, Petrochemical, Energy, pipelines terminals and other related industries. Our innovative team provides, extensive industry experience, from prior experience collaborating with engineering teams, other contractor crafts, facility operations, and safety departments to provide honest assessment of work items and costs guaranteeing industrial quality assurance in plant environments.  While adhering to all relevant industry standards of the American Concrete Institute, International Concrete Repair Institute, API and IEA, we blend best practices with new and advanced technologies. Our technicians have exceptional qualifications, are OSHA certified as competent professionals who work safely, care about effective maintenance, and scheduled completion times during turn arounds, critical path events and planned maintenance while ensuring quality and meeting compliance needs.

We take no short cuts, are not complacent nor exhibit negative attitudes toward safe work practices. This is not only for our employees but for our fellow workman. Contact us to learn more about Concrete Repair Services for Refineries & Chemical Plants.