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Shotcrete is a process to apply concrete or mortar by pneumatic means.  Applied at a high velocity it provides the repair with low permeability and low-cost effective solution to the distressed concrete structure.

Dry & Wet Method

There are two application methods; dry and wet. The dry method is most common, introducing water at the pump nozzle, mixing immediately with pneumatically pumped dry mortar made from cement, small aggregate and fibers forming when mixed a low water to cement ratio concrete material. The wet process is pre-mixed water and cement material pneumatically pumped through a hose forming a similar concrete material. The applied shotcrete method is dependent upon the specialty contractor’s experience and conditions. Most contractors prefer the dry shotcrete method because the nozzle man can visually see and control the water to mortar mix upon application, and there are minimal hose blockages. Dry process allows for the ability to start and stop the application process as may be needed. The wet process has little dust; however, the mixed material consistency is more difficult to control with many more hose blockages, particularly in warm weather applications.

Shotcrete Applications

Applied shotcrete provides superior adhesion and consolidation on limitless shapes, applied at angles on horizontal and vertical surfaces such as tunnels, buildings, pier decks, bridges, walls, water and wastewater facilities, sumps, parking garages, etc. The shotcrete process combined with micro silica, reinforcing steel, wire mesh, or fibers provides a structural repair.  During new construction, it is an option at a lower cost choice vs. poured in place concrete replacement can be difficult.  Once shotcrete is in place it is shaped to the desired dimension and surface finish texture.

The American Shotcrete Association (ASA) has published a “Guide to Shotcrete” for specifiers and owners to refer to guidelines of the American Concrete Institute (ACI 506R). It is important to employ qualified specialty contractors who are members of ASA, have extensive, proven project experience, and possess the proper equipment in good operating order that is required to produce a superior shotcrete structure.

Shotcrete CSI Codes

  • 03 37 00 Specialty Placed Concrete
  • 03 37 13 Shotcrete
  • 03 37 16 Pumped Concrete
  • 03 37 19 Pneumatically Placed Concrete
  • 03 37 26 Underwater Placed Concrete

Some additional considerations for every application:

  • Employ a Shotcrete contractor for new construction and restoration structures.
  • Surface preparation and consistent control of the water to cement ratio is required.
  • Use shotcrete mock-ups to confirm and define the finished product.
  • Always use pre-proportioned bagged shotcrete mortar for quality assurance.
  • Consider testing cores to confirm consolidation and shotcrete continuity.


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