Spalling Concrete Repair

Epoxy Design Spalling Concrete

Epoxy Design Systems proudly offers spalling concrete repair and restoration services to the United States and international clients for industrial, commercial, marine and petrochemical structures. 

What is Spalling Concrete?

A concrete spall is a fractured, delaminated section of concrete with varying depth and dimension. It is important to understand what has caused the spall as to determine the correct repair method. It is important to repair spalls on concrete structures in order to maintain concrete durability, prevent reinforcing steel corrosion, and maintain monolithic integrity for structural strength and to extened service life.

During repair, it is critical to remove all delaminated loose debris at spalls, square cut outside margins in rectangular shape and mechanically roughen the concrete surface to receive structural repair mortar. All annular concrete around exposed steel reinforcing and at corroded steel chipped back to clean steel, shall be removed a minimum of three quarters of an inch. All corrosion on exposed steel shall be mechanically removed. Shouldering at concrete margins, saturated surface dry roughened concrete, corrosion inhibitor on cleaned steel, and proper concrete surface bonder with mortar finished flush to surrounding concrete surface is essential for a long-lasting repair. In windy, low humidity, high ambient temperatures, it is important to apply a curing compound or temporary poly film over finished mortar to prevent premature drying, internal cracking and delamination.

Some Additional Considerations for Spalling Concrete:

  • Use a hammer to sound surrounding concrete at spalls for delamination’s and to ensure full, complete concrete repairs.
  • Identify root causes of structural spalls to prevent recurring repair fractures.
  • Use a cementitious hybrid epoxy resin bonder based upon requirements and conditions.
  • The repair mortar physical properties must be compatible with the concrete element and have structural properties which most nearly replicate the original concrete design and structural integrity.
  • Over engineered high strength mortars will induce repair fissures.
  • Employ a structural concrete restoration contractor to complete repairs possessing with specific knowledge and minimum ten-year consecutive concrete spall repair experience.

Epoxy Design Systems are the leading experts in spalling concrete repair over the last four decades. Focused on industrial and commercial structures, we proudly service beyond the Greater Houston area with both national and international clients. We make it our priority to provide efficient work with industry-leading customer service. Give us a call today at 713-461-8733 or contact us online for a consultation.