Warehouse Concrete Floor Repair

Epoxy Design Warehouse Concrete Floor Repair

Epoxy Design Systems provides warehouse floor & floor repair services to increase the lifetime of concrete slabs and protect again possible slab fissures. Dependent upon the intended use, concrete warehouse floors, loading docks and high bay picking aisles will require repair to extend the service life cycle. Repetitive traffic and heavy loads, impact and abrasion at the floor surface, chemical spills, joint integrity, improper expansion and control joint spacing lead to distress causing premature failure. As the warehouse floor ages the most common repair types are cracks, spalls at offset panel joints, and subsidence voids between the underside slab and subgrade due to failed shear transfer between panels.

The most common warehouse construction is with the use of tilt-wall concrete panels. With any warehouse type of construction, the concrete floor slab is always the main working surface for any industry The solution to floor slab longevity and service is proper design for the intended end use and quality of construction. This makes warehouse floor repair a necessity. 

Epoxy crack injection, concrete spall and surface repair, spall joint re-nosing and sealing, pressure grouting to underside slab, and protective coatings are the most common repair and restoration techniques used on warehouse floors. Each repair requires a specialty contractor with knowledge of materials choice and using proper equipment to perform the work. As load requirements and repetitive use increase from the original design, many warehouse floors require more annual repairs, particularly at joints. It is essential to repair all failed joints so there is a smooth load transition from one slab section to the other. Warehouse concrete floor repair will increase concrete slab longevity and mitigate future slab fissures.

Some additional considerations for every application:

  • Identify warehouse use requirements, vehicles, and heavy, repetitive use areas.
  • Truck dock doorways and main aisles will experience the most joint and spall damage.
  • Steel wheels on forklifts will cause more damage to floors than neoprene wheels.
  • If aisle ways and warehouse traffic change, so will concrete slab damage. 
  • Minimize owner disruption and down time.